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Illegibilus : Olaf by phyrokun Illegibilus : Olaf by phyrokun

:iconillegibilus: Thank you very much for accepting my application :iconloveloveplz:

• Name: Ólafur (Olaf) Einarsson

• Age: 16

• Gender: Male

• Height: 5'8"

• Weight: 143 lbs

• Birthday: January 1rst

• Nationality: Icelander/British

• House:  Slytherin

 Year: 6th

• Personality:

  • Arrogant and Ambitious

    • This trait mainly comes from his absolute resolve to become the top student and the strongest, also from the good results he has obtained through out the years, leading him to look down upon others's faces and sneer at their fruitless efforts to reach the goal he has or could so easily achieve. He also definitely has his Slytherin pride acting up as well, making him judge other houses's students harshly, even those of his own.

  • Irritable

    • Whereas this trait used to be more evident (almost leading to aggressive) when he was younger, he has learned to cope up with what he called "people's foolishness" and remain quiet about it, and also has gotten used to deal with the stress coming from sleep deprivation and the pressure to become the best. Though, he is still more easily stirred up than most people, and won't hesitate to throw a punch or two, or even take his wand out (in the worst of cases, risking expulsion) if provoked.

  • Resourceful and somewhat Cunning

    • Opposite to when he's angry or agitated, he normally tends to stay back and analyze the situation and his surroundings thoroughly, which allows him to think and/or act effectively, specially in a complicated situation. His actions, though, will be mainly executed only for his own satisfaction and desires, and he won't hesitate much to deceive others in order to achieve his goals, regardless if they are insignificant or inmense ones. Everything, just to be stronger..

  • Fast Learner

    • He's basically able to absorb knowledge easily like a sponge. It's a skill he has been polishing ever since he was a kid and more intensively once he enrolled into Hogwards, with countless of sleepless nights with very arduous studying of subjects harder than his actual year and such. However, theory is not the same in the practice, so basically his efforts now are mostly focused in the mastering of what he has learned, which doesn't save him from continuing to sleep only a couple of hours a day.

  • Socially awkward

    • Only applies as in "making friends". He doesn't have memory of ever letting someone step into his personal bubble (that is, until recently) after a certain incident in his childhood, nor having ever reached for someone to ask for help or confess his troubles and struggles in an honest manner. He's so used to be alone (having lackeys never made up for his loneliness), that such things as "bonding" or "camerieship" are absolutely the hardest subjects for him to aboard, and also the scariest and most awkward. He will basically try to push away whoever tries to emotionally approach him by any means, even if, in the inside, he unconsciously longs for it like any other human being.


His father, a prominent mediwizard, and his mother, a country-wide famous muggle musician, Olaf was born as the only child of the happy couple. Despite the fact both of them presented very busy schedules, as expected from their respective careers, they always found time to spend it with their only son, and thus, Olaf grew up finely and loved for the first couple of years of his life, playing with either his neighbour's children or by himself,  until elementary school came.

As the son of such prestigious parents and his uncommon talent to faster than the rest of the kids in his class, he was constantly praised by his teachers in front of everyone else, gaining more looks of jealousy from the others than those of admiration. While the boys would not let him play with them for being a smartass, the girls would keep their distance from him for his off appearance,  having inherited his mother’s light blonde hair and light blue eyes, whereas inheriting his notorious dark skin from his father.

He wasn’t friendless in his opinion, though, and tried to remain positive as there was this one girl that kindly approached him and played with him when the other’s weren’t around, for whom he’d eventually develop a crush on and prepare a love letter for.  It only took one afternoon for his letter to be leaked out to the rest of his class and have the girl yell at him she had only approached him because she pitied him and the teachers had asked her to.

His little heart had been broken around the same time he was given a book from his father, which regarded the story of the wizardly world and specially focused on Hogwarts and it’s four great founders. This was also the time when he found out his father was in fact, a wizard, and that it could be possible for him to have the potential to become one as well. Since then, he obsessed with the idea of this magic world so different to what he learned to be the “muggle” one, and he slowly tried repairing the damage he had gained from the fellow children with the conviction he was just too good for them and that he’d not waste his time dealing with their jealousy and ignorance.

His favourite from the four founders became Salazar Slytherin, which made him feel slightly ashamed to not be a pureblood and feel feel even more ashamed to be this ungrateful towards his own mother. In order to make up for his still regrettable bloodline, he put all of his efforts to study even harder, begging his father to bring him more books he could learn from. He was around 7 when his magical potential began to show, as silently wishing to reach for a book too high for him and having it on his hand in the next second, or see his desk neatly ordered after a short trip to the bathroom after leaving a mess of books and papers on it.

His eleventh birthday was probably the happiest day of his life. While his parents worried about his son’s health and lack of social interaction, they were still proud of him and supported Olaf in every aspect when, once an owl had barged into their house with the invitation letter, he expressed his wish to enroll into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

His first day at the school had been pretty chaotic mainly due to the mental arguing he had with the sorting hat regarding the house he’d belong to, where the hat would explain that even though Olaf had the personality fitting either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, his skills would shine further in Ravenclaw, and where he’d beg for the hat to put him in Slytherin, seeing it more fitting in order to achieve his ambitions. The day ended up with him attaining a green and silver uniform, the title of a near hatstall and also a couple of first year enemies.

Since then, he has lived through his new life for the sole purpose to become one of the best wizards that Slytherin had ever formed, not caring for anything else other than his studies and his results in every evaluation. He would be lying if he said he didn’t really try to get some friends during his first years, but his life as a shut-in for 4-5 years hadn’t really helped him in the slightest with the deed. In fact, it seemed that every time he approached someone, he’d end up somehow insulting them and seeing each other as foes. He gave up around the end of his second year, trying to convince himself, just like he had 6 years ago, that he was simply “too good” to be understood by the others.

It was during his third year at the School that he found himself developing another skill other than his intelligence, which was deceit. It began as little excuses to explain his parents why he didn’t want to stay in the school during vacations or take part of the holiday events, or to be able to take short  peeks over the Prohibited section at the library; and ended up in such things as gaining the teachers’s favors while easily pushing his blame onto others ( if he wanted), and even gaining lackeys from his house that’d follow him if he said so. This year and next were, most likely, the most infamous ones he had in the school (and the most popular between his Slytherin “comrades”), where he’d gang up (by other’s suggestions) on anyone who pissed him off or even on those he didn’t even know, just to relieve the frustration he had unconsciously gathered through the months..

..Frustration that,starting his fifth year, he realized to be there due to the fact he had been doing the same, if not worse, things as to what the people he had often labeled as “foolish” did to appear strong, but eventually show how truly and irremediably weak they really were. This realization made him act as soon as it came, threatening anyone who would try to follow him or suggest such things ever again in his presence. Once again, he focused on his studies and matured along with it (still, didn’t stop being manipulative once a while), avoiding all kind of contact with other people, condemning them all as distractions to his real purposes and that nothing good could possibly come from establishing such “trivial” things as friendships (even if he hadn’t ever really established such a thing with anyone before).

With the sole goal of becoming more powerful imprinted all over his mind, he prepares himself to endure his sixth year at Hogwarts. Whether it will be a year of new changes for him or not, that’d be left up to his creator’s activeness and everyone’s disposition…!!!!

• Family:

- Father: Ein Þorláksson / Pure Blood / Ravenclaw graduate

- Mother: Susanna Brooks / Muggle

• Likes & Dislikes:

+ Bitter coffee 

+ Salty food

+ Reading / Studying overall

+ Quiet places / Empty classrooms / Night

+ Challenges / Magic duels

+ Warm hugs /HITjk

- His appearance

- People in general (dislikes noisy ones the most)

- Sweets

- Feeling helpless/displaying weaknesses

- Physical contact

• Extra info:

- Absolutely loathes being called by any nickname related to his looks (ie. Panda)

- His favorite snacks are salted pretzels. 

- Cold blooded as in cold to the touch. He doesn't particularly dislike this trait, as he assimilates it to a snake's, or mind having to wear many layers of clothes even during summer.

- ((His hair is actually blonde, it sort of looks white against the dark tone of his skin orz If you pick-up the color, it's yellow!))

- More to come...

• Elective Classes:

- Study of Ancient Runes

- Alchemy

 Extra Curricular:

- Ancient Studies

- Magical Theory

• Spells:

  • Confundus Charm - Confundo 
    • Causes the victim to become easily confused and readily manipulated - a confunded individual follows most orders without question, but not especially competently.
  • Shielding Charm - Protego

    • Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

  • Silencing Charm - Silencio
    • Silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization. Can be used to disrupt powerful magic that requires a verbal component.
  • Incendio - Incendio

    • Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.

  • Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus

    • Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. 
  • Counterspell - Finite Incantatem

    • Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.


• Wand Ingredients:

-Core: Dragon Core

-Length: Eleven and a Half inches

-Wood: Aspen

-Flexibility: Reasonably supple

• Pet:

-Name: Panda

-Species: Rodent - Hamster

-Gender: Female

-Personality: Coward / Shy / Chilly/ Slow

-Story: Olaf found it pathetically shivering in a corner of it's cage at the pet shop, distanced from the rest. It reminded him so much of younger himself that he couldn't help but to take it with him, regardless of how useless it looked.

• Achievements - N/A

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